How to Request for a Quotation

We welcome all kinds of inquiries on Ampac USA products, including requests for price quotations and formal proposals.  Simply email us at or fill out our contact form on and provide us the following information to help determine the most suitable equipment for your needs: 

A.  Water source.  What is the source of the water to be treated?

Sea/ ocean

Estuary (intersection of sea and river)

River/ stream/ lake (surface water)

Municipal water supply

Waste water discharge


B.  Water flow rate.  Typically, one of the ff. will prevail; please indicate gallons per day or liters per day:

How much (raw) water from the source will be treated?



How much clean water will be produced?

C.  Water quality.  

Describe the quality of the source water: clear, hazy, murky, opaque?

If water analysis report is available, please state the results.

D.  Are there any other factors that can affect solution design, such as:

Dimensions LxWxH if space is limited

Distance or elevation from water source to treatment system

Difference in elevation between water source and end product, i.e. purified water

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