Crude Oil Separation

Ampac USA provides wide range of products that can efficiently separate crude oil from water. These water purification systems are produced using high end technology. The team at Ampac USA understands how crucial it can be for anyone to use water that has crude oil mixed in it and many times, people have no choice but to use such contaminated water. It can be a serious threat to life of people.

The teams of skilled workers at Ampac can custom design solutions for crude oil separation in accordance with the needs of different areas. Our oil separation systems leverage nanotechnology to selectively segregate biomolecules. This is done after the initial mechanical processing of extract liquid, solid material and water. We use Polymer Sorb®- innovative hydrocarbon/ water separation technology, which is a blend of synthetic polymers designed to remove oil derivatives and hydrocarbons from water. Polymer Sorb® has a highly porous structure with hydrophobic and oleophilic characteristics capable of removing hydrocarbons while allowing high flow-through rates of water.  Polymer Sorb® absorbs all the impurities and converts them into a solid block that can be removed easily later from water. It also ensures prolonged and efficient functioning of the water filters in the entire purification system.  

This unique technology enables Ampac USA to produce the highest quality and most reliable crude oil separators. For more details on the products available in this category, fill our contact form or give us a call on our toll free number 877-611-8530. Our executives will be assist you will all the details. 

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