Water Softeners & Conditioners

The Ampac USA™ Water Softeners are manufactured as all our other products in our factory in Los Angeles, California, USA using the highest quality components based on the legendary Clack valves, the most respected name in the industry. We build water softeners based on your water usage patterns and the hardness of your water. Water Softeners are sized in grains per gallon (gpg) depending on yoour water hardness.  You may see softeners rated as 48,000 grains. 1 grain equals 17.1 ppm or mg/liter. So if your water has 10 grains of hardness it's equivalent to 170.1 mg/liter or ppm. The more grains of hardness your water has, the hatder your water, the more frequently the softener needs to regenerate. It is important to size your softener properly to prevent excessive regeneration. A certain amount of salt goes down the drain with every regeneration.

Ampac USA Carries a complete Line of Water Softeners   and Water Conditions.

Larger softeners are more salt efficient as they regenerate less often.  The Water Softener Valves we use measures your water usage and regenerates only when necessary, as they allow more flexibility in programming the unit. You can adjust the length of the backwash cycle, or salt used in each regeneration. In addition to residential water softeners, we manufacture water softeners for commercial and industrial installations such as Heat Exchangers, Cooling Towers, Boilers, Hospitals, Laudries, Food Processing Plants, Carwash, Apartment Buildings, Restaurants, and many other Factories that require Soft Water, and more. For more information please call us Toll Free @ (877) 611-8530.

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