Sulfur Removal

Sulfur Water Control - Rotten Egg Smell in Home Water

Sulfur or Hydrogen Sulfide in water supplies will create rotten eggs smell, and will leave rust stain on clothing, it will even tarnish silverware.

Sulfur is a gas that dissolves quickly in water and when released creates rotten egg smell and will be present even at low concentrations. Sulfur or Hydrogen Sulfide will often stain all plumbing fixtures such as pipes, sinks, bath tubs, and water using appliances.

The Ampac USA Katoxide Sulfur Removal Whole-House Filter will eliminate these odors through advanced filtration process that oxidizes hydrogen sulfide.

The Ampac USA Katoxide Sulfur Removal Whole-House Filter is easy to install on your main water line, and simply plugs into a regular 110 or 220 volt outlets.

The Sulfur Removal Filter also comes with a Bypass Valve to facilitate the unit service without interrupting the water supply to the house,

Severe Sulfur is easily removed by the catalytic reaction & filtration of the oxidizing media and the Sulfur is captured in the filter.  When the media is fully saturated, the filter will automatically flush and the Sulfur will be sent to drain.

Since Sulfur or Hydrogen Sulfide corrodes metal Ampac USA integrates a proprietary digital Automatic Backwash Valve that has no metal parts and comes with a Five Year Warranty. The Media Tank comes with a Ten Year Warranty.

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